Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm on fire bejbe, I'm on fire !

Hey boy, hey girl, i’m sick and I’m dying! I mean I’m not dying literally, but I’m barely breathing, when I cough my belly hurts and I can’t move my legs, it hurts so much. Plus, I keep sneezing all the time what drives me crazy and kills my throat. The only thing that actually suits me in this physical disorder  is the fact, that I can sleep for about 12h, high five! Though, I don’t want to emphasize how big my suffering is but I want to influence on your morality and force someone to come over and look after me, as now it’s the job of pillows. They do it quite good but they’re not so talkative and can’t bring me some tea, which is a shame.

Anyway, although I suffer from very mean cold, I can’t stop functioning and fall into temporary laziness. So I’m reading and watching ‘Miami Ink’. Omigod, Kat Von D is probably the hottest American lady in the world ! She’s that hot that she’s hot even for me. And she’s the walking phenomenon as all guys love her body while the same guys think they prefer skinny girls. I was always trying to be the skeleton covered with skin but now I got confused. It seems like my life goal is a sign of my own stupidity and misunderstanding of men’s needs. But , in my defense, I want to say that actually it’s all their fault as they can’t decide what do they like more – more or less? If I was a mind reader, I’d be tickled pink! For now, I should survive with the pack of knowledge I already have, unless the cold kills me. But, Mister God, if you’re somewhere out there , please don’t let me die in this horrible agony, pretty please with sugar on top! I’m too young, too pretty and not famous enough to die here and now.

Okay okay, I know that this is a senseless talk, I’ve got a fever and I’m on fire, my sex is on fire too and I’m coming back to bed. I feel like I need it.