Sunday, May 24, 2009

note : 'uncaring mode' has been activated successfully .

Being an enthusiast of hating everything and everyone I would like to announce that I am extremely bored of being mad and angry all the time so the thing I am going to say is thaaaat since today I am going to sail through my life cheerfully in the direction of the lighthouse blah blah blah .

Unfortunately I've broken the promise I had made to myself in the morning and I didn't manage to stay calm even one day. I suspect it might be caused by some things that took place today, but actually I am not so willing to make any speculations about it right now and right here. 
I activated 'uncaring mode' and there's no thing that can destroy my inner balance , which by the way is being quite unstable since I can remember ^^ . But who cares . 

Oh noooo , winamp is messing with me again. I don't like when that happens. There's so much things happening I would like to change but it seems I am the only one who cares about it even while being uncaring. 

I'm in love , I'm in love, I'M IN LOVE !

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